Principal Message



Dear Parents,

Warmed welcome to Lil ‘ Krishna,

I believe that each and every child is unique,so they required unique ways to nourish, learn and developed.  Child aged from 2.5 year to 6 year, is the years of playing, spending time with family and learning Basics.  Thus we have tailored our teaching methods,which are involves in playing. We strongly believe “Playing is learning.”

When we talk about “ Learning Basics ” it means, Learning moral values of our culture that is a) sharing b) Caring c)cooperation d) Kindness e) Respect  d)manners  e) Honesty and f) Healthy habits. Then comes learning academics.

Our 1st priority is safety of child healthy, loving, caring and supportive environment for learning along with specialized techniques to teach and developed above mentioned Basics and Physical and Mental development.

We strongly recommended not pulling or pushing our beloved child in blind competition of gaining high Percentage or High mark sin exam. We never encourage this kind of race. Life is much more then Percentage and Marks.

We believe that each child is like flower bud,as flower bud require its own time to develop in to beautiful unique flower with its glowing colors and fragrance, same way Child require its time to developed with own pace.

We follow teaching method to encourage child's curiosity and interest in their favourite areas such as Dance, Music, and games,Maths etc.

We want develop our child in to healthy, living full of life human being not Machines.



Lil ‘ Krishna